Ladybug (unmanned scout unit)

I’ve always been amazed by ladybugs design. This is a vehicle concept I made using them as inspiration. Done entirely using Blender 2.8 and rendered using cycles. You can check the article on BlenderNation


It’s so good


Esta muy bueno carlos…!

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Hah, great idea. I love it!

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This is outstanding… thanks for sharing.

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Awesome job, I love it. :+1:
Brilliant idea, and perfectly realised. Chunky, and yet realistic.

Would really like to see the interior, or even how the cockpit/rear opens to allow access.

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thanks so much! I haven’t really thought about the interior since it’s supposed to be an unmaned unit, but it would definitely be cool to see how it looks from the inside. Cheers

thanks pal :slight_smile:

Really nice idea and execution. You definitely nailed it down nicely although I’m surprised by the small size. Not looking at the size comparison I would image this thing being a huge vehicle with a human barely reaching the height of a wheel.

Ha, beautiful.

Looks really cool wow

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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My kids would love it as a toy! Awesome work!

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This is fantastic.
It is begging for a camo skin version :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

Excellent work!

gracias mi pana!

That look so good! great work
Quedo super chido !

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At that size and in that colour, sth. tells me it’s not gonna fit that role so well. And the size-comparison suggests a military context. I know I should probably not be taking it too serious.
Then again, if I’m not taking it serious, what am I supposed to be taking it for? A joke? Is that it?

reetings, Kologe

Nice idea and execution!

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