Ladybug WIP

I started this project to practice rendering scenes to look as real as possible. The final scene will be a closeup of a ladybug on a blade of grass.
Here’s the model and a test render with materials

Update: I finished the materials and did a test render.

Quick one, I would move it to the left and maybe it’s a bit sterile

Yeah, I know. This was just a test render to see how the materials turned out. The final with have a background and a lot more other stuff.

Ladybug is very nice!
I’m curious about the dew drops… Should they have a wet trails and be a little deforming/moving along the leaf?

Update: Added a grassy background. I realize that none of the other blades have dew on them, I’ll fix that next.

pretty good, but I think the ladybug is not shiny enough.

I like it (^^,)

Update: I finished it! I don’t think I’ll be making any more changes.

The textures on the grass looks a little stretched. Apart from that good job