Ladybugs game - preview

I made a simple game with little knowlege about GE.
Download the archive, extract in Blender directory and run the ladybugs.exe.
Any comments appretiated.
It took me two days, starting from skratch, 90% of the help was by searching in Blenderartists threads. The rest… wiki and uncle Google :smiley:
Screenshot not available, I will insert one asap.
Runing the game increase the RAM usage with time, please exit the game when you notice slowdown in performacne.

And the screenshot below!


Like the Music!

Yes, the music is cool :wink:
The file was updated. Now the music should play without problems. Added cursor for better navigation through the menu.

I’m good at this game. :wink:

Lots of fun and the lady bugs have really nice shading. Keep up the good work. One suggestion, though. Could you put a fake shadow under each ladybug? If you did, it would look even better.

Nice game. It is a very simple design and the results are amazing. The music is fine, but the loops could be a little longer. A 3 sec loop gets a little irritating after a while. Other than that, everything is great. Good job.

excellent work!
thanks for sharing with us :slight_smile:

Wow I’m loving this game, very nice idea, I love how they can knock each other off :smiley:

Please keep working on it :slight_smile:

hey. since it looks like you are moving them with dloc, why not try it with the physics disabled? that way, they wouldn’t randomly get on top of each other, and randomly start flying…
for the “off the log” collision, you would just need a cylinder instead of a plane.
just an idea.

Thanks for comments!
I will take all of your advises into account.
To be done:

  1. Adding shadows and some SFX
  2. Longer audio track, more sound effects - when colliding, when falling, when game over (also adding real Game Over scene, not using Credits for the final).
  3. A few more levels.
  4. Adding more pleasant textures for the environment.

Pseudonym - you’re right about disabling physics (I am using dLoc for movement) althoug some times its fun to watching them fly and go on top of each other. But how to prevent them from passing through each other without using physics?
I tried using cylinder but it didn’t worked. Falling on the plane gives an idea what you should avoid ;).

I think to make ladybugs slidding instead of “jumping” (more natural).

And one question - how to assign random values to the dLoc and dRot so the game will be different every time when you start it? Any sollution with Logic Bricks?