Laetitia Casta - nudity warning - numerous updates, hands

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Okay, good head start I think…

And here come the crits:

For the moment the head looks more like a man’s face i think. I think there are a few points that you should pay attention to, in order to start fixing that small issue:

-the inner corner of the eye bends downwards, the outer corner has nothing specific, imho, except it is not as sharps as you did it, i’d say they’re softer.

-Laetitia Casta’s got generous lips. Your model’s lips are quite masculine, with very sharp edges… that’s good for superman, but it doesn’t match with Casta’s soft features and caracter.

-Your caracter has small cheeks, once again, quite masculine, I think you should give them more volume around the cheekbone.

-finally, check that slight shadow beneath her lips, in side view, it is really a part of her face’s features, soft.

I hope you’ll consider these crits as constructive ones!
Please do continue her!


I should probably close her eye a bit for resting posistion. The outer corner is a bit dificult to pick out, so if you have a better reference photo, feel free to send a link.

Good crits. I’ll keep them in mind as I continue.

Hi Shadowman,

Please be carefull : the facing photo you’re using has been retouched, her nose has been reduced, her lips are bigger, doesn’t look like her, it’s more like a caricature. I think you’ll encounter some problems when trying to match front to side …

The upper eyelid pad (don’t know the name for it) has to overlay the upper eyelid, if you look carefully at the eye closeup, you’ll notice that the eyebrow nearly touches the eyelash.

Keep up the good work.


You are correct, and I have replaced the front photo with another.

Nothing left to say for now, but could you please post wire (with/without subsurf, unsmoothed)? I’m especialy interested in the side of the nose, and where the smile wrinkles are supposed to go, because I have quite some problems with my character there.

LOL!!! Awesome…I love it. Yes more than one project is good but it becomes addictive…I cannot work on simply one thing anymore…I dont know what happened to me. Anyways, it is uncanny how close this is to what I have been working on. I actually have ANOTHER thing going on behind the scenes…I just havent posted anything…it is more “realistic” than the AIRMAN project which I have been using to get my fix. Working on ONE style (cartoon in my case) for too long can burn you out. I have been doing alot of sketches recently too. Which reminds me, do you sketch much or no? If so I would like to see some of your work. You have inspired me to push it up a bit on this project of mine so maybe I will make some posts soon. First I have to finish the small piece of pottery I have been messing with for a material study. Anyways buddy, great job! Keep up the good work and remeber to take breaks and come back, I know how addicting it can get. Sometimes you have to get away from the monitor and come back in order to find your faults…usually the little but crucial ones…subtle shadows…you know what I mean. Later bud.


Multiple projects is good. that is why I have tons of projects, all waiting for my attention. :smiley:

But anyway, everytime I start to model a face I see masculine features in them, so watch the jaw line, lip area and cheekbones as stated. But exelent start.

Nice work as always. Your a helluva insperation for me. Thanks for sharing.


HEY! You’ve been holding one back! No fair. Give it up. We gotta see. If you’re sculpting a hot chick or something we haven’t seen, you have a public duty to at least let us see where you’re putting the bar.

It’s been a little while. I do so much web grunt work that most of my computer graphics work is pretty dry. my paper sketches are rather cartoony, and a bit out of date. To tell the truth, I’m coming off of a creative dry spell, so I don’t have any recent sketches that are really worth a damn.

I’ve been having a great time with blender and it’s been my primary outlet lately. People should stop bitching about how hard this program is to use. I have a few questions here and there, but I’ve picked this up faster than TrueSpace. Lightwave - now that’s confusing.

whoa i cant wait till the next pictures

I’m going to treat this as the finished face. On to the rest of the head and however much of the body I can build before my wife kills me.

I softened the features, added a bit to the lips, and did some corrections once I switched over to a different front straight on.

I’ll make a second pass on the face after the rest of the mesh is done, adding a few character lines. I’m thinking of giving displacement mapping a go with this model, but I think I read that color mapping is not supported yet w/ displacemnt mapping. Is this true?

Anyway, here’s a screengrab of GL rendering.

Looks great. Excellent mesh.

Just keep going.


Awesome, they way you make such heads/models, I mean I wish I could do that. Great keep blending, I want to see this finished too. :smiley:

When she’s done she’ll look like your old avatar.

Mmmmm… sexy…

When she’s done she’ll look like this your old avatar.

Mmmmm… sexy…

LMAO! Sexy indeed. :o


Serialsiner, Hippie, dante, Cyanid, JD-multi -

I’ve been meaning to thank everyone but haven’t had the chance yet.

I’m glad you like the face, but needless to say - the best is yet to come. She is a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, after all. 8)

ah, she looks much more feminine now. Good job.

And for this quote, your wife will do what ? :smiley:

Your work is truly amazing, please, could you post an optimised mode mesh (or non subsurfaced), this would have great educationnal value


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Here you go.