Laferrari Aperta Visualization - BlueBerry

Hey my peeps!

Hope you are doing well out there!
I took up a new position as Lead 3d artist at a studio here in Sweden 5 months ago, so i haven rly had time or the energy to create on my own time. But i had some time this weekend to just do a couple of quick experiments. (I know i should work on my automotive rendering course, and i hopefully have some extra time for it now in November! So plz be patient with me, its in the works)

But this is one of the renders i made this weekend.
Modeled and rendered in blender, all the textures on the car is 100% procedural, the ground and walls is textured with substance painter!


Raw render


Hope you like it!

And if you like my work, come over to my insta! I’m always trying to be helpful and i love to answer questions :slight_smile:

Have a great day!



I really like this close well balanced shot with mysterious atmosphere like that. After first look you already know that you meet special car…

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looks fantastic! like how you structured the shot with the light and shadows parts

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can we have the course before 2021 come? lol :star_struck:

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@senteria Tank you so much :slight_smile:
@KarimJoseph Thx! yeah a lot of thought went into the composition/lighting
@Bao_Richard haha i will do my best!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Oh thank you so much :smiley: