Lag from background image

Whenever I try to put up a background image it lags like crazy. Is there any way to fix this?

Are you using a very high resolution photo, or perhaps a weird image format?
Does your computer lag “like crazy” when you are working with a very detailed, complicated scene?
If the former is the case, you should scale and convert your image.
If the latter is true, you might need a new graphics card.

No the image is a JPEG and its 47 kb. My graphics card probably isn’t the problem because my better computer has the same problem and it runs a 9600XT.

See this post – I hope it helps.


if they’re both ati cards then it could very well be a problem with the graphics card

I have an ATI X1300, and have no problems with a backgroundpicture. I use Catalyst 5.12 cp version