Lag-immense for no reason. just starting

Alright im experiencing MAJOR lag when trying to do anything on blender. Me and my friend are attemping to make a small game, but its proving to be impossbile with this lag!!

I have a ATI Radeon Xpress 200…I couldnt find anywhere on this whole site that said anything about lag or issues with lag. I also have 1024 ram, my friend has 512, and a horrible computer. and hes runs smooth…HELP!

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yea i saw b4 i posted, but my catalyst doesnt have a open gl thing

Open to correction but I think all that renamed driver does is short-circuit the path to the bum one. It finds the renamed one first, can’t read it, and so forces your box to use the OS’s native OGL. What you describe is typical of (some) ATI cards, more correctly their drivers.


ermm…yea…huh…i dunno what im supposed 2 do with the open gl files…I found them by searching and put them into the blender folder but tahts about all i knwo what to do

ok so i put the uncompressed file into the blender folder…and it didnt do anything… its still laggy as hell…

All I can say is read that thread start to end, there are a few different solutions and links to other threads with similar solutions, all specific to ATI drivers. They know more about it than I do. I never had an ATI card so have no experience of such shenanegans.


I tried all those fixes and i thought the firegl one worked…but its sooooo unbareably laggy it gives u a headache… I have a screen shot of me just trying to add a subsurface multifire!

Your Subsurf modifier is up at level 6 and the vert count (Ve: at top right) is over 4 million. That’s your problem right there. I’ve never used it above level 2. Generally speaking, models for games (any game engine, not just Blender) are pushing it at 8 thousand verts and rely more on texturing tricks than actual geometry details.


Blender is using up almost half a gigabyte of RAM for a simple scene. Unless your scene is that complex(which i doubt), there is a memroy leak somewhere.
I am guessing you have just 1GB of RAM? If that’s the case, your system is running out of memory and has started using the page files like crazy.

u wanna see the model im using? cause all i do is delete the cube, import the model and look around…its at

See if that file is still slow.


It says its incomplete when i try 2 open it. What file do i need 2 import 3ds? I couldnt find it on the python script import/export list

It’s a .blend file; either open it from File >> Open or double click it.


Like Fligh said, your geometry is waaaaaay too complex for a game. Over 4 million vertices and I only see one mesh on the screen…

You might want to search blenderartists for game making tips. I believe there’s a sticky with a boatload of tutorials and links.

The problem isn’t with Blender.

I know its a .blend file…It says its incomplete when i try and open it…and blender is always laggy no matter what im doing

does it ‘lag’ when you have an empty scene? (just the default cube?)

Can anyone else open the file I posted?


I opened the file with no problems. Everything ran as smooth as glass and the render took 0.19 seconds.

Same here only .21 seconds on render :wink: