LAG problem even only box!

thanks for wonderful software and i need help, I use blender 2.49b, first it run smoothly , i build up a model and made some animation it still run smoothly but after i shutdown my Computer and turn on, run blender. My blender start to lag, i don’t worry just restart program with factory setting. Now even only a cube my blender lag. I already reinstall both blender and phyton but it can’t solve my problem. I also have blender 2.53beta, it work well no lag but i can’t working with it because I can’t fine tools and key shortcut is changed. I need help, many thanks.

just more question, can you make some diagram where are tool “moved” in 2.53. Compare to 2.9, thanks

With 2.5 theres the spacebar searchfunction.
Theres also a guide about how the tools are different from version to version.
A quick google search should find it, if not you can always check out blender cookie.
They have some excellent intro vids that’ll help you out.
I can’t help you with thel ag in 2.49, I have the same problem but I don tuse it anymore.
Which OS are you using? It might be a driver problem.
Or if your on ubuntu disable visual effects.

thanks for reply, i use windows 7. And first program run smoothly for a month but today it start to lag , I don’t know what happen. Thanks

How can I zoom out the Properties bar? I have a elephant(huge) size button, thanks.

Ctrl+Middle Mouse button will zoom any part of the UI (excluding the 3dview).,