I have blender 2.63a and it starts to lag at around 3500 faces (in solid mode with no materials). Last time I checked I should be able to go to about 5 or 10 million before I encounter serious lag. Here are my specs:

2.5 GHz Intel Core i5
4 GB 1600MHz DDR3
Intel HD Graphics 400 384 MB
Running mac OSX lion

Please don’t say get a new computer, i’ve heard enough of that. Also i’m 14 and just spent $1200 on this one and I have no money left. If anyone has any suggestions that don’t require a lot of money, I will be greatful.


Well… That’s the thing. It probably is the specs of the computer… You bought the wrong one, (I think), for blender.
The only thing I can think of is, try to use blender without running a whole bunch of programs at once.

Or, you could just add more memory. Or sell that one and build a better one.
Or sell that one and get a windows or linux computer. They’re much better than a mac. I was pulling my hair out when i had one.

And, if your cpu isn’t already overclocked, you can do that too. But you probably need to buy a better cpu fan first before you do. I blew my last cpu up doing that.

EDIT: Plus, I spent $500 on mine and built it myself. I’ve got a quad core, 8 GB of ram, built in graphics, and flashing lights just for the fun of it.

If you were to sell that one, you could buy one like mine but way better. You put 16GBs of ram with a eight-core processor if you spent $1200!
You could build a monster! :smiley:

Your graphic card, better yet non existant graphic card is the problem. The IGP is simply put garbage for anything but browsing the weg or doing some office work and definately nothing for 3d work.
However I’d wonder if a Mac would come without any sorts of dedicated graphics hardware.
Seriously? 1200 USD?
You could have bought a regular PC with the same specs for ~400 USD… (just the plain machine, no display or similar additional hardware)

I am sure you don’t want to hear it right now, but you should have informed yourself before buying a computer.
All you can do now is invest more money and get a graphic card - whereas I can’t really help you, but for what I know you can’t just ram a random nice graphics card into a Mac.

Are you sure you have no dedicated graphic?