Laggy Animation


I recently rendered a interior animation at 1920x1080, 24fps (later i tried 30 fps) in Eevee and no matter what, it looks laggy as if frames are skipped…my camera movement is average speed and i have Motion blur at 0.2/0.3.
Especially high contrast places are painful to look at, they look 10 fps at most.
Do you know how to fix this?
I was thinking about increasing my motion blur, but then i am afraid one cant see any details at all…


If you share the video/.blend it will be easier to help you out.:+1:

The blend file with all the textures is HUGE, so I will upload my video first, and then if anyone needs the blend file i will upload it as a zip as well
First the video, maybe it’s enough to say what went wrong:

(and yes I am aware of the light bugs in the end, but i already know what went wrong there :)) )

I have to find a way to make it less blurry and laggy…

Ok, I’m not really seeing the 10fps thing, but maybe you’re just describing the problem in a different way from how I would.
Here are some things that I would try:

  • Overscan to reduce artifacts around edge of screen.
  • Increased samples to reduce SSR noise.

If those don’t fix it, maybe you could pick a frame and circle the areas you’re referring to.

Also It looks like you ran the frames through filmic twice (The lightest parts of the video are gray). When the frames go into the VSE, be sure to set Color Management > View Transform to “Standard.”

I am not sure how to describe it…if you focus your attention on the windows, especially in the end, you can see that they move a bit “jumpy” - you can see that the movement isn’t very smooth.
I will try it!
And true, i believe i did the mistake when assembling the avi in a separate blend file. Thank you!

It could be related to the material you’re using for the window. If you are using screen space refraction the quality is reduced due to the optimization of the calculations involved. If you instead use a simple transparency method you should get much better quality.

It solved it! The transparency really did the job. Thank you very much!!

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