Laggy Dyntopo

i am new at blender and i got a problem.
i am working on this rhino with constant dyntopo

at the began there was no problem but after over 1 million verts lag began, when i turn off dyntopo lagg stops. and i can use all functions without lag. this is not just a bit lag it is too much. it becomes impossible to work on it.

i saw some problems like this at forums, but i couldn t find a solution.

-there is no non applied modifiers
-my pc : ryzen 3 3100
rx 5500xt
8x2 ram
more then 500gb ssd space
all drivers updated
also i watched on youtube, the guy works on more then 10 millions verts without lag. with gtx1070 i know gtx 1070 better then my GPU but i just working on 1,5 million verts. so i dont think problem at my pc.

I made a sculpting recent and i have massive lags if the normal input of the shader node is used.
You can unplug it and see if it helps.

Are you sure the guy was using dynotopo? In my experience it slows down to a crawl after a couple of million polys (like in your case). Have you tried using the voxel remesher? I’ve found that it gives me much nicer overall results when sculpting and you can slap on multires which will dramatically increase your polygon ceiling.

ty for help. i tried but it did not effect on my lag

thanks for your help. i tried your solution advice. it was nice but when i applied voxel remesher, lagg decreased also resulition and verts(over 750k, nearly half) decreased. so it works but i dont want decreasing resulation and verts.

as i said i am new at blender and maybe i made nonsense mistakes at beginning idk. i started with a cube and i applied subdivision modifier.
(like that, min:2.27
after that i made same thing for ears legs and for tail. then i used boolean modif. for union. after that i applied all modifs and i started sculpting with constant dyntopo.

also i created a mew folder and i started sculpting with dyntopo, for increase vrts number. when verts come more then 1 million lagg started again.

and when dyntopo on and more then 1 million verts i can play same time assasins creed odyssey without lag. so i am not pro but it is look like about blender.