Laggy movement when animating 3d Character in animation [HUGE REQUEST]

Huge request.

My computer is extremely laggy when i move the character while animatiting it. Such as Arms, fingers or anything to animate.

Can someone download my .blend file and test to see if it’s my rig or just my computer?

I plan on buying a new computer and this thing is absolute horid.

Well I’m not having a lot of issues. You don’t have your animation scene optimized for animation. You need to “simplify” your modifiers and crank them way down. You don’t need to see prefect mesh forms when you animate. Go to your properties window and click on Render Properties. Down below you will see an item called Simplify with a check box. Click the box. Go into the arrow and turn your subdivisions down to as low as you want. Like 0 or 1. Animate and it should improve performance. When you are done just click the Simplify box off and your modifiers will be restored befor you render.

I ran this on an old I7 with a 4790K chip with no issue.

There are other tweaks you can use such as not rendering out the plane and just simply compsite it in the back ground then you get ready to render. Your objective is to just get down to the moving parts you need.

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It’s still slow dust.

But this trick is very worth while. I wonder If I should reset the Cpu? Maybe my cpu is being over runned or something. Had it on for a whole week.

I Have an I5 4590. I’m going to assume the higher the number the better. Got get rid of these shitty cpu’s man. Gonna buy a new one.

Thank you for posting your information.

Another thing that always helps is animating in Solid view, not Rendered

And thank you for responding. If you can are there any specifics I should look out for before purchasing a better quality PC, that’s great for 3D softwares?

thank you. But I was in material view. Solid was still pretty bad aswell.

btw whats up I love Batman. And D.C

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If you’re looking for Blender specific data, you can find CPU and GPU data here:

One of the most important things for 3D is RAM- speed doesn’t matter, quantity does. You need at least 32 GB, preferably more

Edit: Gambit is pretty cool too :wink:

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Nice. any idea where I should shop for my PC? I was wanting to try out Best Buy.

I have an 8.00 GB PC that explains it.

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If you want a pre built one, I’d go Best Buy for sure. If you want to build your own, I’d use NewEgg (in combination with PC Part Picker)

I’ve heard of NewEgg before from a friend I knew, nice that it’s still around. Not really a computery guy though. more of a artsy. Think i’ll role with a pre-built. thank you man.

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I was stuck with a computer like yours for a while too. And yes if its that bad you should start saving up. But there are a few things you can do to make animating faster.

  1. turn simplify on and reduce the subdivisions in viewport. (found in Render Properties tab)

  2. if there are simulations connected with your character…Turn Them OFF!!! The scene will get really slow if there is anything like cloth, hair or particle simulations running.

  3. In the timeline window there is a drop down menu labeled playback. In there is another drop down that has options for sync. Normally it would be set to play every frame. Turn that on to frame dropping. That should help with correct playback.

  4. Turn off anything that is unnecessary in the set. Hide it from view. A ton of objects in one scene can make for slow animating.

Hope these tips can help you out.

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One thing to consider:
This computer from best buy has a Ryzen 7 5700, 16GB memory, an RTX 2060, 1 TB HDD, and 500 GB SSD. It costs $1449.

You could get all the parts to build that computer on Newegg for $982 - a case, a PSU, a cooler, and all of those above components, for $982. (I just checked, your prices may vary, as of right now it would be 982). It’s not going to have all the flashy RGB fans and the case is going to be a lot uglier, but you’d save almost 500 dollars that way. This would allow you to spend 1500 dollars instead on a much better computer.

EDIT: That doesn’t include shipping, but neither does the Best Buy price, so unless you have a Best Buy in close distance that stocks pre built PCs, they cancel out

EDIT 2: I forgot about the motherboard- a good MOBO is 150 or so, so call it 1132. Still a lot better than 1449 :wink:

If going pre-built, Gamers Nexus has been doing a good series looking at various offerings from around the place.

Even if you don’t plan on getting one of those specifically, it maybe worth watching a few just so you know what to look out for when considering pre-builts. To say that some are really bad would be an understatement.