Lahara Door

Well this is just a little 20 min. thing I decided to make as a background for my xanga.
C&C Are always welcome

Nice render for 20 min of work ^^
It could be better if the light was comming from the top of the door don’t you think ?
Anyway it works quite well.

very nice, no crits here.

What’s the font that your using there, I really like it.

Thanks, the font is called “TobinTax”.

Crits: Reverse the nor map for the bricks, they’re inverted. Also, the bricks seem very small for the door size (assuming it’s a 7’ door).

Artistically speaking I think the text ruins the image. The purple clashs with the blue on the bottom of the door.

Otherwise great lighting, modeling and post pro. Excellent work.

blue and purple clash??? o_0 …Ok??

hey thats a wonderful work

I agree with Dittohead though, the purple is spoiling the image. Try giving a different one. The rest is sweet

Yeah your right the normal map is flipped, I saw the way some stone work was done on “Kingdom of Heaven”, I sorta modeled it after that a bit. I’m just supprized nobody has asked what “Lahara” means yet.

P.S. There’s no post pro, all raw blender render.

Me Like!, I would love to see more of that modeled.

What’s Lahara? :stuck_out_tongue:

Since we are talking about the color of the text. I think you should try and match the main colors of the lighting which is in this case…a golden color.

Awesome Work.