Laito Gentle Wall Lamp Scene

Hi every one!

This project was maded with two proposes, one of them was to study product visualization in a architecture enviroment, showing the product as well as its application. And, the other one, was to try the Blender’s tools to create a fully post-production inside Blender 2.81.

The post-production includes:

  • Color correction
  • Saturation adjusment
  • Light and shadow correction
  • Add glare
  • Add bokeh particles
  • Add God rays
  • Add light volume
  • Add particles floating
  • Color grading
  • Add Film grain
  • Add Vignette

Laito Glentle Wall Lamp was designed by Seed Design.
3d modeling and Visualization by Asaph Coimbra (me).

I hope that you enjoy!

Thanks for watching.


Post Production’s nodes :smiley:

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Nice tiny project. So little but so meaningful though. French style desk, wall lamp and the plant. I guess you knew what you were doing by making green light which should be artistic choice I guess.

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good work… :grinning:

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nice, how’d archived this?
your nodetree = :exploding_head: