Lake District Landscape WIP (@ Wastwater, Cumbria)

Best rendition yet. Looking forward to seeing the material improvements.

You can change the thumbnail of the post by using the pencil button beside the title, so we’ll see the most recent version in the gallery.


Ah! Thanks for the tip, didn’t know that. Appreciate it!

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Some tweaks. Nothing too exciting, but the rocks on the left of the image look better. These are the enhanced ‘painterly’ version and the pretty much raw render version, with very few tweaks.
Nearly there I think (as usual, comments for improvements welcome (as long as they’re gentle :)).


Trying to add some atmosphere. I may have overdone it? Still, I think its an improvement in principle. Just needs some tweaking. Tried some different colour grading too. Not sure I’ll ever get this one ‘just so’.

Low samples so the clouds aren’t as nice as they might be. I’ve also messed up my water a bit. But its coming on :slight_smile: (??)