Lake house living room

Inspired by lilypadcottage.

The goal is to make 360 view, ideally VR.

Progress so far:
:heavy_plus_sign: Living room
:heavy_plus_sign: Entryway
:heavy_plus_sign: Hallway
:heavy_minus_sign: Dining room
:heavy_minus_sign: Visible kitchen area
:heavy_minus_sign: Balcony
:wavy_dash: Lake and trees


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you! :smiley:

Tried too hard to make the background with forest and lake. Ended up not wanting to do anything for the following 2 weeks.
How pleasant is to feel inspired again.

Having fun with wigglegram format :slight_smile:


Entryway is done.
The project is moving really slow, but rendering the progress so far is very inspiring.

Yay! Hallway is done too.

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hello, how are toy?
Which renerer did you use?

Hi, I’m using Cycles.
Tried CyclesX for the last ones and rerendered some parts back in Cycles because SSS and AO seems not to work as of right now.

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