Lake House

(kless) #1

I’ve been super excited to post this one took me a while, hope you all like. Its also for sale if anyone is interested


(Durast) #2

That’s a lovely scene. Great atmosphere…lighting looks like the blue hour before sunrise.

(LetWritersWrite) #3

NOPE NOPE NOPE. That’s a photo. There’s no way. Haha amazing job, beautiful colors, great detail, just awesome.

Edit: You forgot the powerlines that are feeding electricity to the lights inside the cottage. :stuck_out_tongue:

(kless) #4

Its actually candle lit I was gonna do an interior render but the scene was already bogging my system down cause of the trees.

(kless) #5

Thanks man glad you like it.

(Walli) #6

very nice scene, I like atmosphere and lighting a lot.

(Meshmonkey) #7

Awesome, I want to live there! :stuck_out_tongue: Very realistic.

(kless) #8

Thanks it was the first time using the film option and I liked the look.

(kless) #9

Thanks glad you like it, I’d want to live there too :slight_smile:

(eyalmu) #10

Looks great!
I just didn’t like the idea that it’s in the blue hour while in the sunrise. That was the only clue I had to say “it’s rendered”.
Anything else just looks so realistic!


Why is it that architecture hardly ever gets to the top bar?

(Laffranchi) #12

Amazing!!! How you did this film filter to give this mood to the scene? Nodes?

(kless) #13

I think people find character models to have more…character (I had too) but i guess everyone has there own tastes.

(kless) #14

Under color management in the scene tab there’s some view options you’ll wanna play around with the exposure and gamma slider for what ever fits your scene usually the exposure is gonna be around .5 to .6 and gamma to about 1.2 to 1.3 in that range give or take some numbers.

(Arcan) #15

I think it has class and it invokes emotion.
Great work!

(kless) #16

Thanks a lot man I had a version with a tombstone on the grass but thought that might be pulling the emotion card a little too strong. :slight_smile:

(lhumungus) #17

Trees, grass, plants, textures and lighting all look fantastic. For some reason, the cabin itself feels a little stiff/rigid, a little 3D versus ‘natural’. Great job, regardless.

(kless) #18

Yeah I tried to add some variation to the logs guess I didnt do enough, thanks for the advice.

(Nashville) #19

Wonderful images. The atmosphere that you built seems eerily and still makes it perfectly fine. I also really enjoy the fact that you do have some contrast within this lighting setup.

One thing that bothers me a bit though: the sky has too much blue in it at this hour. But great work.

(Niranjan) #20

Yep! This is waay too good! =) I love it!