Lake in forest

After few more hours I rendered less noisy image:


Wonderful idea, as a whole. I really like it. It’s just too noisy when I zoom in. It would be nice if you try to render it with more samples.

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I tried…when i give more than 1000 samples it crashes. with denoiser it’ the same, and i have no idea why.

Could give more info about the issue? What’s you pc specs? How heavy is the scene? Are you using your gpu for rendering, and if yes, does it have enough Vram for the scene? What’s the tile size? These are essential things to know when dealing with issues like that. Chances are your rig doesn’t have enough resources for the scene, or simply that you should organize your scene better.

I’ve been doing way more heavy scenes on my pc and everything was working just fine. 16ram, rtx2060, and also few months ago i did some tests to see what cycles settings are the best for my pc. this scene has 100-200 trees, and few of my older renders had them more than 5000. thought that maby this was because while working on this scene i installed new version of blender, but on both it was crashing. after about an hour of rendering blender just disapeard. no cuda error or anything. I spent two days trying to figure out what caused this problem, but nothing. removing half of leaves, decresing subdiv, nothing helped.

Are you rendering with gpu, cpu or both? Have you tried to switch between rendering devices? Hybrid rendering has been the most consistent method for me in heavy scenes.

i’m rendering on both cpu and gpu

This is really awkward. Are you using denoising? What’s the tile size? For hybrid rendering best tile size is 16x16 or 32x32, at least in my system.

I’m trying not to use denoising, on few other projects it was causing errors, without it they were rendering fine with more samples. tile size 32x32

It’s a pity you can’t pump up the sharpness of this image. I don’t know what’s wrong with the system and you have these crashes. If all factors are normal, i.e. RAM usage, Vram etc., then maybe it’s a gpu issue? I can’t really tell. Anyway, keep up the good work. This image is pleasing and I’d like to see more of this render style.

thanks. I’ll try to do something with this one, maby i’ll find what’s wrong

I think it was something with the waterfall shader, when I removed it it stopped crashing. Anyway that’s weird because it was just glossy shader mixed with transparent and as the factor I used baked foam texture…

I absolutely love this! Is it stable enough to fly cameras around slowly, to create some animations? I’d love to use this idea as part of a music video if you would like. Let me know your thoughts!

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it was rendered with cycles, and one image took about 3 hours to render. for eevee i would have to change at least half of the shaders to make it look like this one. Also I don’t know if it looks good from other angles, because i mainly focused on this side.

I think i needs a nicer name :slight_smile:
Sweet scene, what is the idea behind it actually?

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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I’m not used to creating names for my renders, so it was just first thing that came into my mind.
There was no specific idea, I just found one macro photo of nut on pinterest looking for inspiration, and at that time i was at lake, so i thought how would it look like to put lake into the nut. For some time now i’ve been working on some mixes between micro and macro, inspired by some photoshop creations, You can find more on my twitter page if You like. all the rest of the scene was just trying to add some environment to it. Now I’m again working on something involving nuts, and this time i’ll try to find better name to it.


Wow!!! It’s cool

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Thanks a lot!

Wow beautiful and original concept and as a bonus there is some nuts! :wink:

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