Lake Landscape in Bolsena (Updated with large images)

This is a typical fisher boat you may find on the lake of Bolsena in Italy. I tried to recreate the environement of this nice place.

I used a photo for the background
Water is made with procedural texture, stucci and bumpmap
Made with Blender and rendered with internal engine and AO.
Some post processing with Gimp for contrast and sky improvement.

C&C are of course welcome.

Fantastic! Great job!

The first image is fantastic. Almost phot real. Superb texturing and lighting job.

Where are the damned star rating when you need them? :stuck_out_tongue:


First of all, i´m sorry for my terrible english…

Wow! Amazing job! very photorealistc render! that´s awesome!
The only crits i have is that the wather would be more disturbed around the boat and in the second image, the wood would be a bit wet…
Anyway, that´s amazing!!! Congratz!

A very cool scene, good design and modelling .

water is fantastic.If you can tell us technique used for ripples.

Water is good, boats are good. . .but the plants! Simply amazing!



Here are the settings (PDF doc) used for the water.

everything is quite allright but cloth pieces look plastic, they look almost like chewy gums. I think U should attach a better(maybe oren-nayar) shader to them and post resulting picture on CGTalk.

Thanks to all,

Based on your comments I have made several improvements.

K3P, no problem for your english, it is ok, you are right, the water should be a bit more disturbed around the boat and the stake, I’ve tried but without success due to the procedural texture I used. I will try later.

Vladius, right too, IMO this was due to the saturated colors resulting from the rendering for the cloth pieces and for the floats, I attenuated them and I think the result is better. I didn’t know the CGTalk web site, thanks for this information.

That is not so hard to achieve, actually. U can easily create height map in GIMP or photoshop. Everything U need is to make background black, then paint some simple ripples with paint brush, so that they surround the boat, then use gaussian blur filter to smooth Ur height map. Load resulting texture in Blender and choose “Add” in “Texture Blending Mode”. Of course U have to set it to alter bump and/or displacement.
Btw, I think U should “add” some more shadows. I’m sure it will make picture look more appealing. Just dont add 10 omni lights, ok? =) Just some fine tuning.

amazing! can u do some sort of tutorial on how you did the plants? i can never get mine to look right…