Lake Monster

I am making a lake monster. It is meant to be animated. I hope you like my Works in Progress so far.
Feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated, as this needs to be animated (I will eventually post some animation progress later).

I am attempting water simulation for the first time ever. Had to use a dummy object to make the water splashes, as it won’t work directly with armatured objects.

I think this will look pretty good animated. Good luck

Some suggestions: The neck/tail(?) could get some more subdivisions, it looks a bit angular. Also the texture needs a higher resolution especially at the bottom, also it is stretched on the top of the head. The water looks way to clear, i would go with a more dirty greenish water than the clear blue. The lighting is too bright. Because the monster looks dangerous, i would choose a darker lighting, change the sky and the setting to be more dark to get a more creepy mood and add some light rays so the environment and the monster match better together. I hope this critiqe helps :slight_smile: