Lake Powell gameplay video

Here’s a video of the Lake Powell houseboating game I made:

A year ago I hadn’t heard of blender or python. This has been a great learning project and I’m already thinking about what’s next.

Thanks very much to the people on this board, the blender developers, and the apricot team for helping me out and inspiring me along the way!

haha wow best blender game ever looks really fun on the video :slight_smile:
also how did you made the water?? : o

Thanks! The water is like in Yo Frankie where is has an animated normal texture:

I made it two sided to be seen from below.

Eventually, I’ll find a place to host the whole game for you all to check out. It’s just really large with all the wav files.

very good! Lol, looks like funny game!

Never seen anything quite like this. The video is awesome!

Definitely worth checking out.

5 stars for originality.

Maybe not the best blender game yet, but at least the most hilarious one. You totally made my day buddy :smiley:

Massive Awesome! I’m so happy this exists!

This game has more personality than most projects here… take notes children.

I already did lol

5 stars!!!

Videogame based on a bachelor party — Best idea ever

Wow, thanks for the comments! I wasn’t sure how much appeal this would have for people that don’t know me and my friends.

There is a lot more that I had hoped to get into the game (like actual objectives), but ran out of time. I leave for Powell again tomorrow which is the reason for the deadline. I’ll try not to die!