Lake Sunset

Blender Cycles, 400 samples, without compositing.
The scene is made of:
-Grass (from BlenderGuru’s Grass Essentials pack) and a tree from BlenderSwap in foreground.
-A plan with a Glass material with an IOR of 1.33 for the water and a boat from BlenderSwap.
-A background image imported as a plan from Cgtextures.

Comments and critics are welcome.

Despite the overall nice mood in your image I see some problems. The biggest one is that I can’t really tell the subject. Is it the boat? It seems small and poorly lighted. Is it just the sunset? Could work but I think you lighting is a bit dull then. This might sound a bit harsh but you have potential to make something really nice here. Try to had some variations in the foreground vegetations, think of how such a light should behave and try to exaggerate that, make us feel the sweet, fading warmth of this beautiful sunset =)
This is my humble opinion of course, but I think your image could use some more work

Thank you MrCaravate !