How can i make real grass?


Soil, seeds, sunlight and water :wink:

It looks good, I agree that you would be better off with modelled grass than that texture. Perhaps for the WIP shots you could remove the lens flare, it distracts from the rest of the image.
Anyway, making grass, I would use the Fiber script (if I knew how to use it). Find it here:
I never quite worked out how to use it, but have a go yourself and see what you can do.
Edit: Official thread for it:

how can i use scripts?

That’s one magical dolphin, looks like he’s jumping out of the water and onto land, that’s got to hurt. Definitely need to add something to the landscape, small groupings of rocks by the shore, weeds, bushes, trees, perhaps even a blend from river soil to shore soil to actual dirk with plantlife.

yes but how can i use script fiber.

First of all, download the script and extract the files into the same folder. Now, open blender, open the text editor, go to File->Open and select,, and Choose Then, select the object, your hills, and press Alt-P with your mouse over the scripts window. Adjust the parameters as necessary and click “Create”.

This probably won’t work. I’m getting a python error recently, but anyway, look around Elysiun, someone must have written how to do it!

everybody writes that is best to use blender 2.32 versrsion. You can dowload it from

You can download all versions at

Happy blendind :slight_smile:

Are there any ways to make grass not using script fiber?

use static particles


Search + Terms -> Tutorial -> Understanding

That is why the search function exists on the forum.


slide down the spec of the landscape

or is it a wet landscape