Lake's Mystery

Hi everyone!
Here you are my last project!
Made in Blender, 3 weeks of work (yes, I could do it in smaller time!), rendered with Cycles (CPU) in 5 hours with 200 samples!
351734 polygons!
There are 7 particle systems: landscape’s grass + stone’s one (I’m counting it as one, but it’s obvious that every stone has his own system); flowers; little rocks; trees; the cape’s fur; leafs; creeper.
Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Outstanding work. Top row.

great! it reminds me alot of myst adventure game series. wonderful.

Great work overall, especially on materials and lighting. I think the floating rocks look a little too blobular and twisty—it’d be better if you made them simple-shaped and focused on the texture detail. But still, it’s very nice. =)

I like a lot the magic enviroment Domenico!
personally I think the ground is killer :D!

great work!

Over saturated, but otherwise awesome!

Thank you all! :smiley:

Factor WOW ^^
very nice,
it look like MMORPG game

Yes, I wanted also this effect! haha Thanks! :smiley: