Lakeside Sunrise


That’s beautiful! Love the lighting especially.
Just curious, did you use the Sapling Tree Gen for trees or something else?

Thank you very much, always a motivation kick if people like what has been done :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve used Sapling Tree Gen, but made some minor tweaking on the resulting mesh. I currently experiment with the Modular Tree addon ( as well as Tree It (, to get some nice tree assets for future projects.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

I’m curious, could such a scene be made interactive, ie. walkaboutable, if you took it into a game engine?

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

Thank you for featuring this on both sites Bart :slight_smile:

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Should be possible to reach a similar quality in a modern game engine, but may require some tweaking. There’s huge amount of polygons due to the particles, which may have to be optimized. But looking at the last presentation of the Unreal engine, they should be able to handle this. Maybe realistic lighting must be faked, but experienced artists in game dev know how to manage this.

Could you post a result for cycles, not eevee? I would love ot see it :slight_smile:

The image is rendered in Cycles :wink:

Oh, due to bloom and green parts of plants looking a bit plastic-like I thought it’s eevee. Sorry.

Still working on my skills, I’m more in coding than art :grimacing:

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It still looks amazingly good ^^

Looks great, did you use the new sky texture? or HDRI or manual sun light?

I started with a simple HDRI map from HDRI haven and it great good from the beginning, so I haven’t changed it :slight_smile: