Lalaland's Sketchbook

(giacometti777) #21

I would def use this VST! Is it basically like LFOtool with more features?

(Lalaland) #22

yes. you can control volume , filter , delay and reverb.

And then there is this one , 4 envelope generators with filters and distortion on each one , split into 3 bands and a master. Also includes an envelope follower where you can "follow the input dynamics.
The really cool part about both plugins is that after you set your envelope shape you can move it in time with an lfo , either quantised or not.

Also has a master filter and 2 band compressor with Upwards/dwonwards compressor expander and soft clip.

(giacometti777) #23

Oh my that is a very future facing and creative set of features… when are these available? I may not have the $$ for them off the bat but I definitely want to keep them on my radar.

(giacometti777) #24

Also, thats really great GUI design and ace renders!

(Lalaland) #25

Hard to say , its a lot of work and I am doing this by myself. Prototypes are all working but need more work .

(Lalaland) #26

Meter Calibration and testing

(Lalaland) #27

Inching towards the final VST version.

(Lalaland) #28

Work In Progress for Tape Delay VST I am working on.

(Lalaland) #29

With the Plastic Tape Head protector.

(Lalaland) #30

Tape Delay Details

(Lalaland) #31

Tape Delay Model for VST.