Lama beige - scene for Blender + Octane

Lama beige

visualizations inspired by photos

I decide to increase my interior rendering skills, again and tried to recreate photos from professional architecture photographer Pavel Botanov to visualizations. Have to say, I really enjoyed the process from the modeling part to the final touches during post-process.

The project Lama beige beautifully designed by architects Yana Osipenko and Anastasiya Kurbakova was a clear choice immediately as I saw it for the first time. I really love the color palette and overall atmosphere of the apartment. So, I want to thanks architects for the great work they did, so I could use it as a reference for my rendering excercise.

As architects say: Lama Beige — is about home comfort, softness and naturalness. Flat smooth surfaces, neutral tones, light wood, soft textiles and light. All zones are opened towards the windows to add more natural light. Few contrastive details and spots of color add special uniqueness to the space.

Here you can see photos and appreciate their project.

Are you looking for a finished archviz project you can learn from?

The 3D shaker team proudly introduces our next ready to render the interior 3D scene with a lot of our interior models. The scene is optimized for Cycles renderer. This scene is full of high-poly models and quality textures.

Here you can buy scene adjusted for Blender + Octane


Looks great! Despite this, I think that the overall mood is contrasting itself - the dark places of the kitchen look great but they stand out awkwardly to the lighter, beige cupboards. Anyway well done!

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

I’m not the biggest fan of modernism (which is what I think this style is), but it does feel appropriate for a kitchen, I’d be fine with a kitchen like this and of course simpler shapes make sense for rendering so good choice of inspiration.
To get to the important bit, though: The light looks great. Both in regards to looking believable, but I think it works great to sell the scene as inviting and comfy. I’m trying pretty hard to find faults to point out, but I can’t really find anything.

Really nice work in all areas, and very well translated from the photos.
I have to say the renders look better than the photos imho :wink:

One of the better archviz sets I’ve seen here in a while. :+1: