Lambda Shuttle

Well its been a long time since I’ve posted anything. College gets in the way =/. But! Summer has arrived and I’ve got time to kill again. So I decided I’d get back into the blender game. I decided to do a Lambda Shuttle because its made of some fairly basic shapes, nothing too complex. Anyway, here is my progress thus far. I’m gonna rough out the whole thing and then go back threw and add the details.



We’ll see what it turns into :). Nothing bad at all so far.

Hey, cool, i am looking forward to the finished, since i did one like this too, back in the day, but it was low poly, and not accurate.
Here take a look…by the way you started yours, I expect this to be a whole lot better looking than this one. And I am sure it will be. (DO NOT critique me on my shuttle plz, critique his)


Is everyone sure that you aren’t modelling dustbusters? Hehe :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouragement guys. Heres a little update.


Here is my last update before bed. I think its taking shape quite nicely.

Might help of I uploaded the render haha.


Lookin’ good mate!

Looks awesome! Can’t wait till you get it textured! Are you going to do an animation?

Yeah once I get it completed I may try to make a decent looking planet for a space animation. That might be awhile though cause I’ve never textured anything before except for a rock.

So I’ve been busy with my job and family lately so I’ve had little time to work on my shuttle. But I started to detail the under side. I think it looks decent so far. I’m basing it off of a picture of a toy I found on the internet.


nice work. u HAVE to get material and textures on this… it will look epic!

Yeah once I finish up the modeling I’m going to work on the textures and materials. Its going to be the first thing I’ve ever out a material on and textured so it might be a bit of a long road.