Lambo - in the rain.

Having seen an excellent murcialago in the finished projects forum it inspired me to try and finish mine. Modelling is almost done but I plan to place it in a scene where it is racing down a country road in the rain. Spray coming of the wheels, raindrops on the winscreen etc. Car renderings are pretty boring and I want to try and achieve something a little more original.

Body work


Material Test

good work so far will you model the interrior i think that the Side skirt stick out a little to far maybe make it a bit more dicreet good work so far

Yeah the skirt looks like its sticking out but i think its the camera angle. It seems to line up on the blueprints.

Ive updated the materials and added the badge and windscreen wiper.

Also done a (very) rough motion blur test, now gotta figure out how to do the rain effect.

They’re some black dots on the render I think they are render artifacts. Not sure how to get rid of those, without photoshoping them out.

good work you could do the rain the way that robert did it but that would increase the render time by 9000000% and it looks awsome or you could just do it in photoshop / gimp and it looks not quite as good but still awsome

How did robert do it? Ive been experimenting with alpha textures but it doesnt look right.

Great work, but there are a few small things that you modeled wrong:

I like the materials and render - the car paint looks very nice. :slight_smile:


Those blueprints are not acurate in few places, so its best to look on the photos to make sure everything is good.

Thanks for the comments massTA, the black dots are error in the yafray render, all the normals are poiting the right way. Ill have a look at the other issues you mentioned. Ive got plenty of reference photos, good ones of the side panel are hard to come across though.

Heres a good picture of the side panel shape:

Thanks for the images, ive given up trying to get a good rain effect, just cant get it to look good without modelling individual rain drops, so ive gone for a desert scene instead. :frowning: A higher res render with better quality settings to follow.

Okay, the car model and materials are fantastic, but i’m pretty sure you used the uffizi HDRI probe. Not that that is a problem per se, but the whole background looks like it was made in photoshop. All of the blur streaks in the ground are identicical and don’t show perspective (they should be getting smaller as they go towards the horizon), the blue/white sky gradient looks unrealistic, and the mountains don’t do much for me. And if it’s a desert area with mountains like those, that kind of seems like the middle east. Also, nobody would be driving a car like that in a place completely without a road on the harsh surfaces there.

The lens flare could be better too. not too sure about it’s placement either, but that’s up to you anyways.

One of the first things that caught my eye was that the car looks like it’s floating above the ground.

To recap, you did an awesome job on the car, but it’s environment could be better.

Best of luck.

either the camera follows the vehicle, and the vehicle is in focus and the background blured, or the camera is stationary, and the vehicle is blurred but the background in focus. i suggest the former.

side scoop thing is still not flush with the sides, it needs to be more recessed, i think.

also, camera angle is unrealistic, it does seem real as it is not at a common level (i.e. eye level, ground level, normal heights at which we see vehicles.

some seams have much larger gaps (bonnet to front left quater) than others (front left door to front left quater)

wheel blur appears too eliptical on the rear wheel

thats all i got for now :wink: