LAMBO - please HELP

I’ve import thru .3ds file this lambo model from sketchup warehouse. I wanted to try this new AAO on this model, but i only get this pic… :frowning:

there are lots of triangle faces that i can get smooth, i tried smooth option but nothing, i used subsurf on model but nothing… Model looks even worse…

CAN any one help??

Please download blend file and try to make lambo smooth… ! :frowning:

you need to remove doubles in edit mode then apply the edge split modifier

EDIT: Looks like dannybear was 10 seconds ahead of me. Nevermind :stuck_out_tongue:

THX GUYS - it realy WORKS !! :smiley:

If you want to get rid of the triangles click “Join triangles” in the mesh editing tab, it should help with the smoothing as well.

can i see the reference pictureS?

smelz - You meant “Convert to Quads” ??

There is no “join triangles” command, but the convert to quads do the job all right.
Model is smoother. :smiley: - thx