LamboCar :)

Hi !
Everyone of you is doing great car-modeling stuff!
(seen in wip :o )

Well Its Christmas Time and i spending time with my parents, so i can work on my spaceship now…

… but, since i read some tut´s about carmodeling i decited to model my favourite one :slight_smile:

Lamborghini Murcielago

I hope u give me C&C and a few hints about some stuff :slight_smile:

and a Happy new Year of course ! :wink:

are you goning to sub-surf this or stick with a low number of polys?

(the mesh isn’t suited for subdivision surfaces in places, like at the bottom in front of the front wheel where too many edges meet)

looks good, I can’t wait to see it with an interior (or windows) and the other half.

well, as for ways to improve it:
it appears the places that would cause subdivision surfaces problems (sharp edges, corners, many edges meeting in one spot) also have a bit of an effect on the lighting of the mesh in that area. Some examples are the corner of the front vent, the bottom of the front fender just in front of the front wheel, the rear bumper below the tail light and next to the license plate.

that is my second favorite car! the diablo is my number 1. :slight_smile: make it yellow man, and than I will be very happy with your model.
it is looking good so far. it does need to be smoother, but i am sure you will take care of that. :slight_smile: