Lamboginia attempt

Making a car has really been one of the hardest projects I have tried. Here was my attempt at a lambo

I think that looks quite nice. All the edges seem to be sharp or smooth where they need to be, and you definitely recognize it as a Lamborghini :). It’s interesting how the camera angle makes it look kind of like a toy car.

I think your other renders have turned out really nice as well. Those bat vehicles and tumbler definitely would have taken some work :D. Did you end up modeling all of the star wars ships and AT-AT or were some of those images?

Hi ArtOFLight
All the Star Wars ships and AT-AT I modeled myself. My animation was to showcase all the models and learning to mask out buildings in the animation to show depth. Tumbler was the hardest one to get right but turned out to be a great model

i like it. and it doesnt look like a toycar to me, wheel are too big for that. but i can understand what art of light wants to point out: the interior of the car looks like the plasticbody of a matchboxcar.

squidmole - That’s great you were able to get the Star Wars models looking so good in the animation! They really seemed to have all the details and looked very much like they did in the films, which was why I wondered if some might be pictures. Yeah, that Tumbler definitely turned out good :).

Hopefully you didn’t take the comment about it looking toy carish as a negative against your modeling skills or something like that. There was just something about it, and maybe it was the interior like S-Markt mentioned, that reminded me of the metal, snap together, 1/25 scale cars I used to put together when I was younger. It might even just be not having it in an environment.

I think right now, the problem is maybe just more about a lack of details, hence you will have all things up, this should be better ( lights, mirrors, finished door etc…

Theres too some correction to do on the shell, but it is not a bad start… I have model ( try ) a gallardo, and i know thoses cars are not so easy to do.