Lamborghin Reventón

Hi All. I’m rather new to this forum but not very new to blender. Before using blender i used 3ds max and gMax. I love blender so much more than either 3dsm or gmax. A few days ago i started a project to build a Lamborghin Reventón.

i’ll be posting the current progress here.

Also, i know that the Backdrop is not very pretty but i think it’l do for a WIP. If anyone has an idea for a good scene to place this thick fella into please let me know. Also be brutal about your C&Cs. i don’t want any “newbie cusion” but want to learn.

Current Render:

First render:


Are you going to use subdivision surfaces (see If you want better critique, post wireframes.

You can post links by using something like this “www DOT google DOT com” I think.

I’m not familiar with subdivision surfaces and the link you gave is not working. Could give me some more info on that? I will post the wireframes soon.

The link should work now. The idea of subdivision surface based modeling is that you need only basic geometry to define complex shapes. This makes modeling much easier and faster. The cost is that you don’t get total control over poly flow which may mean that you get extra geometry in some parts of the mesh. This is a small price to pay though.

There is a nice primer showing the basic concepts at . You might want to look into multi resolution meshes (basically an extension to subdivision surface based modeling) if you are going to work with organic models such as character heads. Current implementation of Blender is limited to fixed geometry. This is not a problem with subdivision surfaces though.

Thanks a lot for that linky. I decided that i’l not go back and redo what i’ve already done on the vehicale body but i think i will use subdiv modeling on all the other parts. (wheels, tires, trim, interior{?})
Here’s the latest progress.
(see attachment)
I like this scene for a WIP and the braces i added justForFun. (copyed from a picture of THE Lamborgini production line.)


Here’s a wireframe render. It’s my first and it din’t turn out very nice. but it’s shows some.

The current progress is:

    1. Finished and refined the shell
  1. Added air intake inserts
  2. Turned a cylinder into a tire :smiley: (no tread yet)
  3. Modeled the wheel rim, spokes{?}, and the brakes (still crappy)
  4. made a new scene for it
  5. Added (what do u call it?) the panel that goes underneath the car and into the wheel-wells
  6. Rendered it for Ever! (most of this afternoon)pictat:

Here’s a quick wire:
Sorry about the poor quality. I don’t yet know how to render in wireFrame so this is just snapped from the editor.


you can subsurf your model with out restarting… ill show you

ok hit F9 then you will see this


:slight_smile: Thank you for the help but i do know all about the modifiers including the subsurf. I didn’t realize that that was what BeBraw was talking about at first. i thought he meant the special modeling technique using quads, e-poles, etc. But i really am not that nooby :slight_smile:
No i will not subsurf the model because all except the wheel-well covers{name?} are sharp and articulated surfaces. i did subsurf the the wheel-well covers to make them smooth.

So here is the current progress:
I fixefied the wheels/tires and a few other things that are not worth showing yet.
Please don’t PM me telling me that the material are the worst ones since blender was. the mats are just temoprary . :slight_smile:
P.S. i don’t know what the diagonal dark streak on the car body to the right is. mite be a nrml parblem.

[edit] Forgot to say that the tires now have treading on them. not just a smoothed cylinder anymore.

P.S. i don’t know what the diagonal dark streak on the car body to the right is. mite be a nrml parblem.

Yeah. That’s one possibility. Try selecting the offending mesh in edit mode and hit ctrl-n to recalculate normals. If the mesh is manifold, it should do the trick. In case of non-manifold mesh it may give random results. This is one definition for manifoldness. If you can explicitly determine sides (or side in case of Moebius strip) of a mesh, it is manifold, else it’s not.

Is the picture in my last post showing? i can’t see it but when i go to edit it i can! wasn’t sure if’n ya’ll could see it.

Yeah. It’s visible.

By the way you might find the array modifier useful for modeling rims/wheels. You can use it radially using object offset. Create an empty, set it as object offset and experiment. If you want, I can create an example file showing the technique.

I also know how to use the array modifier. :smiley: I used to make the tire using this tutorial:

well, I just searched google images for the car, and you really need to use Sub-d’s for this. Sharp edges are easy to do using subsurf. As it stands right now the car is way too low poly, unless you plan to use it for a game.


I think i fixed. i don’t really know what the problem was but i did a loop-cut through the offending face and rendered with AO (1 pass)

You really don’t want to see it subdived! i am just trying it with bevel but i’ll look into it.
thanks for the crit.

YAY! a wire fourview for the reventon was just released!! i so wish i would have found it earlier. now i can make the shell a little more accurate hopefully.

Some wires! front, side, and top wire views.
The exciting part is that i have completely remodeled the exterior to implement quadmodeling!! not a single tri in the whole scene! Woo!:slight_smile: