Lamborghini - Advanced Shading

Hello everyone,
An update from me.

Lamborghini - Advanced Shading project, is a prototype I build in Blender 3d, with Cycles base node system.
Rendered with Cycles Render Engine.

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Amazing. Did you use geometry/pointiness for rendering hard edges ?

Did u used (dynamic mask) with (facing layer weight) to get this shader?

Wow, this looks really futuristic and cool. I wonder what other objects might look like under this kind of shading. I’m also curious to see what it would look like in other colors like red or Matrix Green.

It looks amazing! Reminds me on Tron Legacy:D
I’d love to have that see through kind of shading for my model!

Really cool renders. Very nice work.

Thank you, Guys! I highly appreciate it!

What can I say, I play few hours to get this stage of visual, the shader containing - different components, it’s not only one thing - there are mix and math logic between - back facing, wireframe, fresnel, transparency, emission, depth, … a lot of things …

I will share some more information soon!
Stay tuned!

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