Lamborghini Aventador in blender Cycles


I present u a new work of mine, hope u like it

I think it looks really good, but the reflections on the car are a bit distracting. I’m curious to see what it would look like with no background.

autobots transform

Here you go

That’s awesome, did you rendered it with GPU?

Yes, Definitely

Amazing work! Try adding an Edge Split modifier to the parts of the car that need harder edges but smooth surfaces

Nice render! I am working on a car right now as well, my first one really, and its so hard to get all those surfaces in the right place. Realy great work! How long did it take to make it?

Anyway, no use to comment without giving some feedback. I am thinking about 2 areas that could be improved. I think the lights could use a bit more work. It’s one of the hardest parts to get right but it gives away that its a render and not a real car. Maybe looking at some headlight reference and see what could be improved. Right now it looks a bit like a flat texture.

The other thing is that in the first image with the background I think the bump in the ground is really strong. It makes the car look like a toy on a shelf. Maybe that’s the intention, in that case, nicely done! if not, then maybe dial it back a bit.

This is just my own observations and thoughts of course. All in all, a really great car!