Lamborghini Aventador J [FINISHED]

hey all,
i believe that all the super car fans know about this car,
the aventador j , special edition of the aventador v12,
i wanted to model this car from the very beginning but couldn’t find any blueprint until recently
i found a way to make blueprints,
anyway, this car has like a super complex geometry in the front and around the back
i am succesful to maintain the topo in the complex part of the and feeling like:RocknRoll:.

anyway here is the car that i am achieving
and here is my progress on the front part

i am achieving for super realism on the model
but the problem is that there are very few reference to look on the net.
everything will be modeled exterior and interior to the bottom of the car.
now this car and another car i modeled are about to come in an animation
and since this car has no roof, or any window, interiors are easily seen,
so lotta tough work ahead :spin:.


looking good, but the portion for the emblem needs some more loops

yeah i am still figuring a correct topo for that.

finished the front bumper,:RocknRoll:

Just a note, if you follow good topology practices you can get of the creases and use loop cuts to sharpen - looks better and teaches good topology :wink:

i did use loopcuts, lots of them on the hood it didn’t get sharp enough so i used mean crease and it worked, otherwise i use loopcuts.

this is really exotic car…I’m looking forward to see the result :wink:

yeah me too,
okay last post
going to someplace else wouldn’t have any computer for a week
anyway, finished all the parts around the headlights

looking an aventador already, now just gotta put the J element in it.:eyebrowlift:

i am back!
okay so finished the doors with a complete second attempt after wasting some hours over the first attempt.
it’s a really simple to model door, the hard part is the bent in surface, don’t know the x axis positions so i had to assume.
anyway thanks to the basic shaped door handle, it wasn’t a pain leaving the door handle gap unlike other cars.
the door :-

wire frame : looks kind of low poly , but it didn’t require anymore loops so it does the job

by the way, this model needs to be very realistic, so the interiors will be modeled at full glory along with very accurate exteriors.
this project will take a long time as there are hundreds of confusing geometry parts in this car,

completed some side body ,

wire frame

its actually not that hard… you need to make the topo slightly larger than the emblem then do 1 or 2, more if necessary, extrusions inwards to finalize the shape.

some more progress on the side

completing the top body now, here are are some parts

wire frame

completed the top rear body. was very difficult as the spoiler blocked all of the view of the blueprint from the rear view.
any way, main body is almost done and next will be carbon fiber body parts of exterior.

wire frame

finished with all the main body parts of the car, now onto the carbon fiber or black body parts of this beast.

some wire frame for you to look into

some renders of the body, nothing too good, just needed too check the mesh around the car and see if there are some bumps
anyway, here they are.

also i realized there have been no comments recently, don’t know why,
just needed to check if people are even following this thread anymore?
this is like the fifth continuous post of mine, so please comment.

why u read?, keep scrolling down.

Im looking you are going well shader is damn soft is int it? looking on lights there is no strips acctualy on paint so its have to be soft? you are using your own nodes? Modeling process looks pretty good clean wireframe…

Chiiiiiill dude, you got 463 views of the time me writing this. No need to be a smart-*** either with the whole “tagline” sentence, no one is actually obliged to comment. These type of comments are usually unpleasant to see in any thread so be patient. If no one is commenting, it means that your work is fine. Ppl usually comment if they see something mind-blowing or something terrible.

Your topology for the most part is good; finish the thing, post a wire of it and then we’ll comment about the overall topology.
Keep on chugging mate, you’re doing fine…

thank you, very much.
maybe you are right, at least i can now stop checking hourly if anyone commented or not.
this is just a glossy shader, i just needed to check for the bumps.