Lamborghini Aventador J [FINISHED]

I guess my LeMans model must be between fine and ho-hum, lol. Your car is coming along just great!

carbon fiber body parts part one
completed the front bumper bumper, or whatever you call it.
seriously, the geometry of this car is really complex, i hope i can get some relief when i start interiors.
anyway here the sreenshot

wire frame

finished the back body, with difficulty and time,
i know i said this a lot of times, but geometry is really complex on the back complex that i had to leave a part out for now.
anyway it’s almost finished, the body, all that is left is minor components and covers underneath(if that made sense).
some screenshots

i cannot post a wire as these are eight separate parts, hopefully will do a full fire of the entire body soon.

so i rendered a few wire frames of the whole car body before moving an to the next phase
fell free to comment.

interiors will be modeled next, in full details . any tips?

nice modeling …

i am back. finally.
i am very due to this project, too much late for 2013 schedule of projects(i made one, it consists of two projects this year including this with timed breaks). my reasons are for not updating this thread up to date is

  1. my middle mouse button broke. slowed down my entire workflow. but i still managed to do something with numpad keys rotation.
  2. due to unavailability of internet(i recently shifted to a new house)
    both were fixed this week along with a graphic card.
    anyway, some progress, started with the interiors.

    another thing, the progress will be more slow because of my exams,
    i couldn’t expect me to do anything this month.again ruining my 2013 schedule of projects.

you are good keep going waiting for renders :smiley:

then you would have to wait a long way(as per my schedule, until may if progress is uninterrupted from now)

anyway, as i said i am onto the interiors of the car now and would like to have some help.
has any one of you modeled interiors without blueprints of the interior, interior blueprints are generally hard to find, but one can get references on the net.
the car i am modelling, doesn’t have one good reference on the net(try on google, please post if you find any reference to the interiors.). now should i self design and model the interiors which are not visible in the blueprint? please help.
anyway, modeled the door inside,by estimation of the theme design of the car(curvy with sharp ends)


wow really nice model so far keep it up

beautiful work. didnt really go into detail on the inside of mine, figured id save the interior for my viper project. cant wait to see you get into the render phase, im curious to see how this turns out when glossy and lit.

from what i hear Murcis are hardest to light, so you should have it easier than i do, but lamborghinis have some interesting edges and creases so im curious to see how you go about doing it.

again, good work

thank you for the compliment, well i deleted the door interior part as i just got some awsome references recently and found out that the door was totally unmatching so i am redoing it.
and my exams or going on, so i don’t have an time for modelling but will continue in full swing next month and hopefully render out until may and finish this. and start with my animation for which i’ve been modelling these cars.

Awesome. i know how you feel. i was thinking that the door didnt quite look quite right also, but lamborghini does a LOT of custom work so i didnt feal like saying anything. Well, when you get to it i cant wait to see what you can crank out.

This is looking sharp, i cant wait to see some more renders

my exams are over, yay,
just remade the door today, looks quite better now

this is a non related post to the car thread.
during my exams, when i was getting bored, i was playing with the physics simulation and got something like this

again this is not related to the thread posts.

geez, this car is way left behind, and i want to be the first one to model this car here.
anyway, got stuck in blenderguru’s sci fi competition, his competition is more of a distraction really if you have a current project. and got nowhere to nowhere (as expected). but anyway i want to finish this car with details and make a pantural like animation from this and earlier modeled cars and hit the blender 2013 demoreel. (lol)
so worked up today and done some more interior parts.

yeah :smiley: possible AO render to see all car?

probably not, not now, maybe soon. going very deep in the modelling and don’t want to touch the render phase.

anyway, i just forgot somethings of the exterior
thought to make them first since now i am struggling with the seats references,


Nicely done. Is the mirror made in two different meshes?

Very Nice! You mentioned that you managed to make your own blueprints, I am curious as to how.