Lamborghini Aventador with BI

Hello guys

Im back with lamborghin aventador, an old model of mine with a Fresh render
Used Internal for this as usual
Edited with Photoshop



more is coming soon :evilgrin:


Nice Job! Is this your model? This is where I downloaded my model. Red was it’s original color, but I changed mine to white.

“An old model of mine”

I meant the model in the link I posted.

nicely done

I like it, and BI is a great choice :smiley: Can we see something maybe larger than a thumbnail?

@moviemaker ah sorry, didn’t notice it , the answer is nope that’s not my model
@vickym72 thanks , about the thumbnail part I really didn’t understand it

some new renders

Well, that’s unbelievably amazing.


Some day I wish to be as good as you are, or at least close if it is not possible for me to achieve that quality. :open_mouth:

You will be even better than me , just practice and patient

Wow! Great job. They could pass for real photos, except for the fact that nobody is driving the car. :eyebrowlift2:

Steve S

@KingofSpeed: I merely meant I’d like to see some bigger pictures :smiley: Looks awesome!

KingofSpeed, this looks unbelievably good! One critique on the renders is maybe some slight motion blur on the car and tires in the tunnel. I love the look of your images. Some of the best compositing and color I have ever seen!

WOOOOOW this is amazing and did u say BI ? o.O :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice! The one thing is the specular seems a little bit soft for a car.

Sweet looking render. A couple questions if you don’t mind. Which modeling method did you use, and have you completed the interior enough for open-door renders?

thanks for the suggestions guys :stuck_out_tongue:

@GLakie everyone’s got a method in modelling, so it really doesn’t matter as long as you keep the model clean
and about the interior, well no i didn’t make it fully, just a little low-poly chair and ground modelling

thanks for your interest