Lamborghini Aventador


Supercar%20(IMPROVED)5png|690x388(upload://ns6rJdF9NhreiPT4m5Qx9kxP0Ex.png) …anyway I updated the headlights and side lights is it any better? Render inside the car for the first time
@Linkun suggested to balance out the red so I did tell me what you guys think
After so long i got a new render for my baby boy!]


Nice model! I think the materials and lighting could use some work. Maybe check out this car paint shader:

Thanks dude! shame i can’t open the link :frowning:

It would be nice to judge the model once you improve the lighting.

Aw sorry lol, that’s wierd. Maybe this one works?

Do You have any suggestions?

Those are some awesome shaders! I will apply them soon as i can!

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Lol I love how he just said to use better lighting.

Anyway, there’s a lot of ways you could improve the lighting normally, but I’d use an HDRI. They are pretty versitiale, and give awesome results typically. Not only that, but many come with backplates images to render the subject over. Try looking on, you will probably be able to find some great ones there

And after doing that, maybe add glare and a tiny bit of lens dispersion (chromatic abberation) in the compositor for that extra realism :yum:

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i will improve it besides i really bored right now so why not? thanks boys!!

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That last one is fantastic. It makes the model look more impressive too, because we can see it’s form better. Well done!

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Fantastic work!
The only thing that sticks out as odd to me is the lighting. The room looks very dark and poorly illuminated, reminding me of issues discussed in a YouTube-video by Andrew Price (Blender Guru) I watched just recently.
You should definetely go and check it out: The Secret Ingredient to Photorealism

TL;DR: Your render might have some lighting issues, that are less compositional and more technical. Try to use the ‘Filmic Blender’ view-setting combined with a brighter lightsource.

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True, its because im still a newbie with lightning ¯¯_(ヅ)_/¯¯

Hey @Tarik_Krug, are you using the Blender engine or Cycles for rendering? Adding some texture to the room around the car will also help to sell the believability of the car.

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I’m using cycles the power of rendering of Blender engine is Awful, thanks will do!

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I really really liked your character this skin is awesome! How did you do it? And im really honored to see creative and helpful people like you in my projects!

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You might try adding an environment shader to the world and using a studio HDRI. If you google studio HDRI you should be able to find several good free ones. This will add some nice environmental reflections to both the car and your backdrop.

I did put it a HDRI but its covered by the walls ¯¯_(ヅ)_/¯¯ but don’t worry i will continue this project and make more renders thanks for the tips!!


Hi guys!! I worked really hard at this last render and I think it looks awesome! What do you think?