Lamborghini Aventador


(usernew) #21

This looks much much better! Are you using Filmic color space?

It’s my personal opinion, but the car is kinda blending with the background, Also improve the headlights and side lights. They kinda look fake. Turn off the headlights.

(Tarik Krug) #22

Ok I see what i can do, thanks!

(C_Campbell) #23

looks great. But it would look better in my driveway.

(Tarik Krug) #24

Hahahahaha I agree

(Kit MacAllister) #25

Damn, this background really steps it up a notch! The lighting is looking much more believable. :smile:


This looks really really good! So much better


Also, maybe try using the “use curves” section of the color manegment panel to balance out the red, and maybe increase the contrast a tad

(Tarik Krug) #28

True, this background is awesome all thanks to @linkun for showing me this HDRI

(Tarik Krug) #29

Thank you! really glad you liked it all thanks to you and everyone else!

(Tarik Krug) #30

I will try that, thanks