Lamborghini Aventador

Decided to build my car.

Here’s what I’m working on and what I have so far… I hope you like it so far. :slight_smile:

Not sure if I want to texture it, but I’ll try if you guys want.

Your car right? :smiley:

Love it so far, good modelling and great paint material :slight_smile: the only bump I could spots seems to be on the lower grill

I working on that right now. I just now noticed it myself.
I model cars in real life. And yes. It somewhat is my real car. I took the base of another real car and sculpted a Lamborghini body and put it on the base.
It sounds like a lawnmower but who cares?! It looks like a freaking Lamborghini! :smiley:

More detail in the hood, but the front of the face is still jacked up…

Ok. I fixed some parts. I’m actually starting to see it now. :slight_smile:

Nice job, especially on the mats for 2.49. :slight_smile:

I’m happy with my car, just need to find someone to build it for me: any tips there?


If you’re talking about a real car…:
And actually… you could do it yourself. It would take a while, but you just have to be determined to do it. You could make a life size Styrofoam body first, then use fiberglass over it. That’s how I made mine.

But if you want someone to build it, you might have to do some searching. Finding someone who makes custom cars is hard. If you do manage to find someone who does build bodies for cars, make sure they have proof (like ask to see a couple of the cars they made), or find other people who have gotten cars from them. You don’t want them to take your money and run. Make sure you really do a good background check.

But you could just take an old car and build over it. This one guy I know, modeled the front of a Dodge Viper, modeled the back of a Dodge Charger '12, then modeled the doors from a Ferrari F50 of 97 (I think that’s the year). The base he put all of that crap on, (because it was ugly to me when he was done) was a Mazda Miata I believe…
I modeled the front of a Hummer H3, and put it on REPLICA of a Rolls Royce. (It was beautiful! :D)
But that’s really all the basics…

If you’re talking about a car on blender…:
I’m student… not a teacher… sorry… I can’t teach anyone about blender if my life depended on it. :o

You said you model cars, don’t you by any chance work in the design industry ? :slight_smile:
Could yoe as well post some pics od the real car? Would love to see that.

Actually… I don’t… I do this just for myself and a few other people… I guess I should though. I never really thought of it as a career. Just another hobby actually…

I haven’t been working on the back that much obviously… :o

Another small update. I’m still trying to fix minor detail…


Nice, any wires? That is much easier to comment on.

One advice from me: As you’re doing base mesh now, do not separate panels that are continuous, just add loop cuts in the place and separate it later on. E.g. the bonnet and the front bumper, you can see that the reflection is not continuous there.

1: If I show you the wires… promise not to kill me? (TRIANGLES! TRIANGLES! TRIANGLES!) :smiley:
2: Yeah that thing was getting annoying. I was going to work on it last because I had worked on it for over a freaking hour… :frowning:

Oooo better get rid of those triangles, mostly you shouldn’t have them on high poly models… looks nice though, i usually do my separations later sown the road when i got my topology figured out…

I know. I’m sorry… but sometimes, it’s tempting!

With and without subdivision surface…

With the subdivision surface, the wires look like crap…

I’m going to add windows and other stuff so you guys can see it better. :slight_smile:

EDIT: It looks like someone kept tripping when they modeled this car. It’s so pointy! Yet so beautiful…

Another Edit: After seeing the wires, you’re thinking, “What is up with that crappy door?!”

i just fell in love a little bit! thats an awesome hobby!

i’m liking your model so far, i cant see any of the flaws that others have commented on, probably one of the reasons my own models suck! :smiley: lol

I’ve seen your work. Your models don’t suck, you just don’t believe hard enough. :slight_smile:

Small update on the windshield… It was hard because I didn’t use triangles in fear that everyone was going kill me.
So… I did it just for you guys! :smiley:

Can’t believe I thought I would finish this in one day…
Another update with the windows and I closed the gaps on the side windows.

Thanks for the compliment:)

the speed this is coming on is mind boggling! (i would just about have added the reference images in this time!)

You’re welcome and thank you! :smiley:

Here’s another update. One the engine door. I am going to make the creases a bit smaller though.