Lamborghini Aventador

Please leave your coment :smiley:

Just another render

well done, i like it, everything starting from the interior
would like to see more renders ^^

waaw… amazing car…

Any information about the car would help, for example: engines (I am already aware that it has a V-12 engine but this is just an example) or any special things in the car. Thanks.

thanks man XD

Very nice job.

Like the detailed job on the interior as in general your modelling and material skills;

The only “advice” I would have is to use a more studio lighting HDRI. It looks funny seeing the car in a studio environment but with reflections of some trees.

Awsome model higorbelem. I feel like I just want to get in and start it up. Good stuff. Only thing I don’t like is the wing mirror. The design looks likes its from a 90’s arcade racer… i.e a big hexagon. lol, I realise thats not your fault though as you are just modelling it really looks like.
Anyway, good stuff man.

thank you guys very much, next time i"ll be sure to use your advices

looks impressive but you should improve your perspectives of the images. the first render is good, the other perspectives are somehow boring. have a look at the google image search how car interiors are made :slight_smile: