Lamborghini Countach a sort of futuristic version

Recently, seized by a certain nostalgia for the 80s, probably influenced by this wave of syntwave music
I started peeking at the 80’s Italian Super Car documentaries
So I saw the story of the designer and the engineer of the Lamborghini
Stanzani Tell: Why the Countach was born(sub-Eng)

Gandini Tells: How Miura, Carabo, Countach, Stratos, X1 / 9 were born (Sub-Eng)

and finally … did you know that the Ferrari F40 was entirely designed both in aesthetics and mechanics by one man?

Materazzi Tells: Why the Ferrari F40 was born (SUB-ENG)

They were interesting years, because these machines were designed by groups of a few highly specialized and passionate people

so here is the beginning of the project … obviously started with blender 2.80 … I don’t have big claims and I think I’ll do it for fun with the right calm … to see what comes out of it

… Calling All Autobots … Calling All Autobots 2:22