Lamborghini Countach

First post here, so hello to all.
Starting to get some decent renders of a Countach model I’ve been messing with for a while. Blender 2.7 and Cycles.


Car which made the history.
I’m interesting on the second render, did you use a vector blur for wheels and background or only a Y fast-gussian blur for the road and mountains?
Just one critique, in the first layer would be more defocus, while in the third one the grass is too blur, but I can’t say nothing about modelling, for me it’s perfect.

an italian out of control. this was the countach :smiley:
your compositions are really nice.

Eric : yep, the thing still looks like a beast. Cheers for the response.

blend2cap: thanks for replying : 3 render layers. Car on first, with wheels animated over ten frames and motion blur enabled at 1.5 in the render panel.
Road and wall on layer 2 with relative Gaussian node at about .5% (from memory…somewhere about there) and the same for the backplate on layer 3, just around double the blur of layer 2. And yeah, maybe I did go a little heavy on the background blur. Should maybe have layered the scene a little more for more control, other than blurring everything besides the body. Agreed.