Lamborghini Diablo

This was my first car in a long time. I modeled it using splines and BSurfaces. It’s technically missing a steering wheel, and exhaust, but I’m done with it.

Edit: I should mention that I rendered it with the Blender Render engine, and the reflections came from an HDRI of a parking lot.

Some more pics:

Most of the curves I used to make the model. I thought I saved them all, but I think I missed a few.

The section of rim that I modeled.

An early render.

Nice job! Although II think it could do with more light and maby a different approach to rendering it?

Tried a different color and a more interesting angle…

Thanks Impreza. You’ve got some cool models.

not bad. lighting is too abstract in my op. try using a larger soft box, or sticking to light cards.