Lamborghini Gallardo - advice for modeling hood


I have started modeling my first car model. I chose Lamborghini Gallardo. I would like to ask for advice about modeling a crease on hood. I tried to model as simple as it needs to be. I want to avoid traingles to learn modeling with clean topology. You can see my inital mesh on the image inital.jpg. I decided to cut the egde loop through the whole hood (A.jpg) Then I extruded some of the faces to make a crease. Then I move up the edge near the end of the crease to make it blend. On the image D.jpg you can see that the crease is visible to the end of the hood which is not correct.

Link to the photo of the car:

What are your advices on modeling this crease so it looks correct and remains nice and clean topology. Any advice would be appreciated.


Since you’re using the subdiv modifier with Catmull-Clark, I’d suggest placing control edges around it. Then to better adjust the tension select that line of edges and hit G twice to slide it. It’s also very likely you’ll have to tweak the vertices at the front and back to maintain the curvature at the front and the lower edge of the windshield area.