Lamborghini Gallardo by DeJones

I finished my latest work with Blender. It’s a Lamborghini Gallardo.
It was rendered with Vray for maya (Demo-version).
Here are some Informations:

used programmes:
Blender 2.49a
Vray for Maya Demoversion

“production schedule”:confused:
modeling time: about 10-15 hours (in 7days)
render time: I don’t know really - it was about 7-15min
postpro.: just a few minutes
Hope you like it. Feel free to write a comment.


Wow! youre a really fast modeller, and what are your render settings, is this yafaray?

no its not yafaray - its vray (just a demo-version)
so if you want some render settings from the export script for Vray I will post it. Just ask me :yes: