Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4

Greetings all!
I present visualizations Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4.
This is my second model. The first was the Audi TT which did not provide here.
Obviously modeled and rendered in Blender + cycles.
Backplate and hdr from - free sample.
Every comments are welcome.


Very impressive render.
Model looks super cool as well.

Very nice. For some reason the background looks less realistic than the car. A better quality photo for the background might make it look better.

it looks very realistic… tires are WAYYYYYY too dark though. the only time you find tires that dark, even in the dark is when they are all sprayed down and oiled up, but even then you will find thick glare from the displacement. beyond this it is beautiful. (just a note… a LOT of topo errors on the hood. a crease in the center, changing sizes around the grooves and they are aloso modeled wrong for the model year.

Thanks ThorntonStrolia for your opinion. You have right. I fixed images. How looks now?


a LOT better… i still se a bit of a line down the center. your topo is good on top of the hood and bottom, so you could just select the hood verts inbetween the grooves and do “smooth” a couple times or just run it up to like 10. dont tough the outer loops. you may have to do some adjusting cuz itill mess with th Z height… just looks a little over topoed to me, but i have made the front end of one of these so i know how hard it can be not to want to throw as many edge loops as you can in with the shape of the hood the way it is.

again, good work.

I can’t say for sure but it could be because there is a haze in the atmosphere of the picture but bojart may not have added any to the Blender render. He could add just a skosh of ambient occlusion or something to have it match the scene better…but then his Lamborghini wouldn’t have as much of the showroom floor appeal.

Nice model by the way.

Very nice model and render…

Few quick remarks…

  • you should review the lamps one more time
  • there is a line visible in the middle the front hood and the hood has some strange indentations - too strong.
  • the lambo bagde looks bad
  • there are some missing parts like windshield wipers and entire base for them
  • the side window rubber frame is completly dark…
  • there are some minor modeling flaws

Keep up the good work!

Really nice! Cars are hard to model- props for the ambition and really solid execution.

Really good work. It looks very real. Good work.

Really good!!
My thoughts:

  • The road is too grainy.
  • The rims should be a little bit darker on some angles.
  • I don’t know exactly why the shadow doesn’t seem right… I think it should be more to the side or something, since it’s supposed to be a photo when the Sun is setting down.

it works perfectly

Lovely place :slight_smile:

Like the carpaint and the overall setting of the scene, well done :slight_smile: