Lamborghini Gallardo Render!!!!

Peace, mercy and blessings of God
this is my first Post on the forum it is about
Lamborghini Gallardo Render

the work took from me 4 or 5 hours


nice. how did u do it did u use a tut or did u just do it by ur self

Just by me self
and i did use Blender render

Why are the head lights and the interior so dark? You didn’t model those or is it just bad lighting?

Shape of the car seems good, but the angle of the car and the lighting is not that great. I want to see some of the side of the car and some nice reflections!

Also, the colors in the background are too dull.

very impressive :wink: and I see from your profile that you just joined blender artists, welcome!

Very nice atmosphere and welcome to Blender Artist’s! :slight_smile: Coulpe of crits. With that color sky the windshield and lights would be very reflective and light. I’d increase the reflection on the Windshield and lights. Also the composition looks kinda weird with the car so far in the foreground but love the background. Can you post a wire? :slight_smile:


thanks missmajor for welcoming Me thanks
i didnt know about this forum
now i did it is very cool forum
i will try to share you guys my works and also Blender game Engine Also

thanks for replying paint guy
and for welcoming too

yes i have some problems with the lights and windshield
but if i can i will fix it

for the wire picture i will show it just i am reserching the blend.file

So pity…
Triangles, triangles,triangles… The model is not yours, i think (or did you modelled it in Max or Maya?).
You can not model such a car in few hours, being a newbie.
And the render and postpro are… mmm… not so good?
So, i can advise you to practice modelling, learn, learn and learn :slight_smile: And then… :wink:

no the model is mine but something happend that my car haved problems in rendering it wont show the car in the render
so i exported it and imported again to fix it
there was no other
by the way thanks

and i am pro blender user
i worked 3 years on it

above you said this took took 4 - 5 hours.
now a few hours later you are a pro and you worked 3 years on it?

The render has too many things to improve, the composition it’s really bad, the car, who is the main “character” of the scene, it’s almost going outside of the image, the light isn’t better, and the postproduction… well, it’s not a highlight too. After 3 years using Blender, you should be able to get a better set up for your scenes…

He meant 4-5 hours for this render.
He meant he’s a pro and worked 3 years on Blender, not on this model.

His English is bad, but if you make a little effort he’s easily understandable, and I don’t see any reasons to bash him.

man listen
i worked 3 years on BGE
not the rendering
my rendering work started before 5 months

i will show you guys my works
But not now because it is the tests

thanks for giving a hand you are great