Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Hello Everybody!
I’m taking my second go at modeling cars after 1x training DVD, and plenty of research to find a good looking easy to model car that has plenty of references available. The result is a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. I have since progressed to add a hood, doors, that thing behind the doors, and a suggestion of a roof. The back and thingy on the side of the hood are in an appalling state!

Not quite up to date render:



I would love some critique, though there are many mistakes that I can already see (if they seem like lazy oversights then I just haven’t fixed them yet :p).

Hello Everybody,
I hope I am doing a good job:confused:?
I have some creasing that needs to be worked out, other than that I believe that all is going well.
I would appreciate it if someone could help with my topology.


Sketch Fab:

Issues with creasing:

-Thank You

looking pretty good :slight_smile:

you are doing a very good job.

you are right, you have a few issues with the creasing. im sure you can spot them.

I would advice to try to clean your topology and make it more even.
these are just a few mistakes I’ve spoted

Hello Everyone!
I’ve have made an effort to get rid of all the polls, but one remains:(. I have fixed some creases and added mirrors onto the sides. I have also experimented with the brake lights but intend to redo them. Hundreds of little fixes and tweaks have been the main time consumer(reason for little progress). I tried to make some hubcaps, but didn’t like them.
Thanks to 3dberserk for his excellent suggestions:).
ideas for rims:



Close Up of door handle inset:


This area is hard to do due to the lack of good reference, the blueprints aren’t very helpful either:(.
Does anyone know what I should do?
The troublesome zone:


Hello! very impressive! Nice and good topology in general :smiley:

@papamat Thank you:yes:
I’ve set up some car paint materials for my Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. As soon as I get some rims, tires and the rear plastic thing onto this car, I’ll give it a render:yes:!
Headlights, brakelights, and side reflectors are for later this week, they are scary stuff:eek:!
Car Paint test Render:


A Render!
Here is my 2 minute lighting job rendered at 2000 samples(A bit overkill):

And of course it is in green!:yes:
A quick question, I am unable to rotate or scale in object mode, why is that?:spin:
-Thanks everybody, I will do a better one tomorrow.

wow, its looking awesome so far. but i would like to make a recommendation which should make the work easier for you.
in the viewport hit “N” key
scroll down and see an option of background image
open it and check mark it.
open you textures by add image and there you go.

maybe you are unable to scale or rotate because you have locked the limitations of the object
hit N again and in the top find transformation and check whether they are locked or not
about the model, it’s great!

@ pranavjivirdi I have checked the object transforms they are fine. This is not the only time it has happened:(.The blueprints aren’t the cause either.
Added a gas tank inset:

New improved render:

350 samples, approximately 6 min.(2000 was really overkill)
Brake Lights:

4:50(350 samples)
I thought the brake lights were going to be hard, nope!:wink:
-Thank you

Wow, how did you make those brake lights? They look totally great! Is there a techique for making those kind of little hexagons effect easily? If you can’t explain it, I’d be very happy if you could share wires…

slelect lambo and press dot. ( . )

The trick to good looking brake lights is layering different pieces of glass.
I used this ref:
To make the hex pattern in the brake lights(this took awhile to get right) add two circles with 6 verts
Next add an array modifier and select merge.
Finally tweak the values until you’re happy
For the hex grills:
User preferences/add mesh/extra objects
Shift -a /mesh/extra objects/Misc/honeycomb
Not quite sure what you mean. The period key gives my rotate around cursor, numpad zooms in.
Added thingy under the back:

P.S. I just fixed the grill sticking through the thingy.

-Thanks :slight_smile:

I had a lot of fun making a mess of the engine bay. At least it looks like something. I also added some more materials, causing the graphics card to go on strike:mad:.
Here is the render, though I will have to do this again.


i like the shader of the car.

Hello everybody. I have completed the headlight, with mediocre results. A round of compositing covered it all up in no time.:wink: I am a pretty good compositor, until I get my mouse onto those glare nodes:evilgrin:!
The Node Tree:

Here is the render:

Wheels still need to be done, then clean up time:eek:gulp, gasp, eek followed by the interior deep intake of breath.

I have finally made rims that look like rims. The brake disc and caliper have successfully formed somehow. I’ll do the tire tomorrow when I’m in a more patient mood(curves + modifiers = :mad:).
Here is another render with the brake disc:

There is a repeating problem with the textures on the wheel of the (simple uvmap). Does anyone know how to fix this? Here is the material setup:


i don’t get the problem.

Its not visible in that render because I made the uv smaller than it should be, this render you will see the problem.

The logo in the middle is the correct size and position the others shouldn’t be there at all.
P.s. I’ll make a post on the rendering forum.